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Inbound and Outbound Exchange / Journey History
In the early years of Friendship Force and until recently both outbound and inbound Friendship Force trips were called exchanges. In the past few years the term exchange was changed to journey.

1992 Inbound: Kumamoto, Japan; Kwangju City & Seoul, South Korea; Bergen, Norway (co-host with Denver)
         Outbound: Tuxtla/Gutierrez, Mexico; Moscow, Russia

1993 Inbound: Cottbus, Germany
1994 Inbound: Moscow, Russia (co-host with Denver)
1995 Outbound: Irkutsk, Siberia; Tweed Valley & Tamworth, Australia

1996 Inbound: New Plymouth, New Zealand; Houston, TX
1997 Inbound: Oita, Japan; County Durham & Isle of Wight, England
         Outbound: Cottbus & Hannover, Germany; Sarasota, FL

1998 Inbound: Newcastle, Australia
         Outbound: Sao Paulo & Cascavel, Brazil; Houston, TX

1999 Inbound: Hannover, Germany; Baton Rouge, LA
         Outbound: Newcastle & Bundaberg Australia

2000 Inbound: Cascavel, Brazil
         Outbound: Bristol, England; Baton Rouge, LA

2001 Inbound: Herne, Germany
2002 Inbound: Richmond, VA; Bristol, England
         Outbound: Christchurch & Auckland, New Zealand; Richmond, VA

2003 Inbound: Western Michigan and Las Vegas, NV
          Outbound: Hartford, CT; Knoxville, TN & Louisville, KY

2004 Inbound: Spring Hill & Orlando, FL; Causeway Coast, Northern Ireland
2005 Inbound: Louisville, KY
         Outbound: Somerset, England & Causeway Coast, Northern Ireland, Los Angeles, CA & Las Vegas, NV

2006 Inbound: Hartford, CT
         Outbound: Western Michigan; Rocky Mountains (Estes Park); Székesféhervár, Hungary & Halle-Saale, Germany

2007 Inbound: Trujillo, Peru
         Outbound: Yamagata & Osaka, Japan

2008 Inbound: Florida Suncoast & Lee County, FL;Halle-Saale & Merseburg, Germany
         Outbound: Florida Suncoast & Lee County, FL; Niagara, Canada

2009 Inbound: Western North Carolina
         Outbound: Trujillo, Peru

2010 Inbound: Los Angeles; Big Canoe, GA; Tokyo
         Outbound: Whangarei, NZ; Mount Gambier, Australia; Sydney, Australia

2011 Inbound: Tamworth, Australia; Santa Barbara, CA
         Outbound: Greater Izmir, Turkey

2012 Inbound: Oklahoma City, OK
        Outbound: Merseburg, Germany

2013 Inbound: Alajuela, Costa Rica
        Outbound: Kaohsiung and Taipei,Taiwan; Santa Barbara, CA; Central North Carolina Big Canoe, GA;

2014 Inbound: Fort Worth, TX; Montreal, Canada
        Outbound: Brandon, Manitoba, Canada

2015 Inbound: Kaohsiung, Taiwan
         Outbound: Xalapa and Tuxtla Gutierrez, Mexico, Oklahoma City, OK; Fort Worth, TX

2016 Inbound: Brandon, Manitoba, Canada; Central North Carolina, Global Exchange
         Outbound: Alajuela, Costa Rica; Cleveland, OH

2017 Inbound: Săo Paulo, Brazil
         Outbound: Montreal, Canada; Southern Oregon

2018 Inbound: San Antonio, TX/Tucson, AZ
         Outbound: Tamworth and Bundaberg, Australia; San Antonio, TX

2019 inbound: Fukuoka Japan: World Conference ambassadors

2019 outbound: Florianopolis and Sau Paulo Brazil; San Diego California

2020 Inbound: North Bay, Ontario Canada

2020 Outbound: Southland and New Plymouth New Zealand; Tucson, Arizona