What is Friendship Force?
                                     Be more than a tourist. Travel for good.

Whether you're planting a community garden in Jamaica, practicing Spanish in Colombia, or cycling with locals in Germany, every personal friendship you create when you travel plays a small part in building a more peaceful world.

Multiply that effect by 16,000 - that's the number of people around the world already committed to peace through friendship. They are the Friendship Force.

With volunteers on the ground in 63 countries, our programs bring these diverse people together, into one another's cultures and even homes, to share one-of-a-kind experiences not available to regular tourists.

Through these exciting personal encounters, strangers become friends - and if we can build a world of friends, we can build a world of peace.

Our members are ordinary people just like you, who travel or host in the name of global friendship.

Become an ambassador of the Friendship Force today. The Friendship Force is a worldwide non-profit organization which promotes friendship and understanding by bringing people from all over the world together. Our motto is "A World of Friends is a World of Peace." Founded in 1977, it is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

The club is non-political and has no religious affiliations. It is not a travel club, but rather, an organization which promotes international friendship and understanding. There are over 300 clubs worldwide.

                                                    "People, not Places"

               Explore your world. Understand its people. Serve the cause of peace.
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